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Really, another damn blog? Don't I have like six already, not counting the five stagnant ones? Unfortunately, yes, here it is. I suppose I could use this to link to my other blogs, and maybe get more people to view those (WHO-HOO SELF PROMOTION). However, I figure this will be a bit more of an absurd blog. Oh, and don't worry, my legendary love for pistachios will not be off limits for derision.
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The walls of “Giant City” at Giant City State Park in southern Illinois. Although they look like the ruins of a giant stone city, these are naturally carved sandstone walls on the side of a hill. 

Being a fat man myself, I was a perturbed that the park told us that “Fat Man’s Squeeze” was closed due to copperheads coming out of hibernation, while never bothering to tell you along the trail where that might be. I assume its not part of the main trail, but a little help still would be nice. The last thing I’d want is to get bit by a migrating copperhead because I unwillingly stumbled into a tight squeeze made worse because I am fat.

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You just keep me hangin’ on.


You just keep me hangin’ on.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you ever feel like you're just garnering sympathy by talking about your health problems. I am in and out of hospital constantly, very unwell and having all sorts of gory procedures and surgeries, but I'd feel very self-conscious posting about it where hundreds of people would see it, even in an ostensibly 'funny' way. I don't think you're as profound, humble and wise as you make out to be, sorry! It all seems a little transparent.
actate81 actate81 Said:


Transparency is my goal, actually.

I have no interest in pity. Sympathy is fine, but I am not seeking it.

This blog is about my life, my humor, my passions, my pup, and my hardships. It is a positive, honest place. Illness is a huge part of my life. I talk about it when it is appropriate and I try to use my voice to help others with chronic and mental illness. I talk about my struggles, but I try to keep complaining to a minimum and I try to keep a positive outlook even when things are dire. Most people seem to appreciate that. 

I will admit that when I write things for my blog I can present the best version of myself. I can be profounder, humbler, and wiser than if I was having a spontaneous conversation with someone. But you are free to ask those who know me best. This blog, my words, my ideas… they are very much me. Just with a bit of spit & polish for public consumption. 


Andrew’s latest post of the “AT 2015 Hiking Training Plan” does not include a weigh in, for reasons explained in the post. It does include almost eight miles of hiking and one night of camping. 


Guys, I’ve updated the URL for my GoFundMe page for BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America). Remember, I plan to hike 2100 miles to raise money and awareness for the amazing work this group is doing to empower children and communities in Honduras, which is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and also has the highest homicide rate on the planet. With your help and support, I can have the adventure of a lifetime AND help children get an education that will change their lives for the better. 

The URL ( will make it easier to share the link with family and friends, so even if you can’t donate, PLEASE read the page and pass on the word. I can’t thank you enough. 

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Although there are great natural wonders to be seen in Great Smoky Mountains National Park that take hiking over miles of rugged trails to reach, there are also beautiful and scenic places that takes less than a mile of walking to see. This wall of green was found along a short nature trail at the Chimneys picnic area. As long as you can walk, and don’t mind a little bit of uphill climbing, this is a great little walk to stretch your legs after a filling picnic.


Erin continues our “Journal of the Smokies” feature with a story about a recent night of camping in the National Park. Yeah, it was better than that cold night at the Grand Canyon. But then again, that’s a low bar to jump over.


Erin writes her review and commentary for Captain America: the Winter Soldier. A great film overall, she especially likes the direction that the Movieverse is heading in in terms of casting and expansion of characters, but she’s still left with one burning question. 

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Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys

For those who aren’t familiar with this lovely state park in the Florida Keys, the portion of the old highway bridge behind the palm trees can be walked upon. It’s a surprisingly steep climb (well, relative to the flatness of the keys) up to the top, but the view is more than worth it.